Other services to help get the best from your lead generation

Conversion Multiplier

Amplify the results from your B2B campaign and create a scalable sales system. This consultancy package is an option for clients running one or more B2B campaigns.

Phase 1 – create a value based meeting or call

    • Your prospects will want to talk even if they are “not looking”
    • Productised meetings to develop strategic value in your first call

Phase 2 – call script development and implementation

    • Live coaching with your sales or inside sales team on how to follow-up with responses
    • Proven scripts to turn every response into a call, even “I’m not interested”

Phase 3 – building a repeatable sales system for long term growth

    • How to turn your CRM into a slick opportunity tool
    • Set up standard call workflows to manage lead responses

1-to-1 Coaching and Consultancy

Sales consulting programs that deliver high quality prospects and revenue predictably every single month whilst building your internal capabilities.

Phase 1 – we understand you and your business

We start off every consulting engagement by reviewing exactly where you are. Who are you targeting? What have you tried before that works? What have you tried before didn’t work? How many qualified leads do you need per month? What options do you need to scale or for flexibility? Once we’ve worked on these we’ll pinpoint exactly what needs to be done.

Phase 2 – we understand your prospects

We then work with you to understand a few key things:

    • What is the ideal sales structure?
    • What is your value proposition?
    • What is your Ideal Client Profile for your best prospects?
    • What social proof, examples and resources can we use to create outreach programs?
    • How can you build value into your sales system so prospects want to engage with you?

Phase 3 – together we build your system

Once we have the foundations nailed we jointly build your system:

    • We build your lists based on the best sources that match with your Ideal Client Profile
    • We build your ideal sales structure, sales resources and sales infrastructure
    • We implement the best technology for you to automate as much of the system as possible without reducing the returns
    • We implement KPI’s, monitoring and reporting to ensure you can plan and scale

Phase 4 – we contact your prospects

Together we begin making contact with your prospects. We begin to see what the responses are and test and measure and refine your approach. You benefit from our expertise driving you forward to make more impact and more first connections than you’d ever imagined.

Phase 5 – we follow your leads to close

We design and implement your response processes. At the same time we are working with you to build your playbooks of key messages, presentations, closes and even Executive briefings and product demonstrations. Your CRM and metrics are built up to ensure you are building your long term pipeline and not just relying on the short term quick wins available.